Introducing the most innovative way to control your product manuals

Create your content in a fully controlled environment, add technical information and detailed illustrations and instantly convert them into multiple languages, publish documentation live online and update instantly.


this is our content management creative suite that gives you control of your manual and documentation environment


this the customer interface, the aftersales control that supports and updates your customers on your products and latest releases.

Creative Suite for Content Management

This interface is a fully controlled environment for technical documentation and detailed information published live online and updated instantly.

Streamlined & simplified content management

Your data is well organised and kept all in one place, always providing the latest information to the customer. Discover conditional content and reusable topics

User roles for each area of your team

You can control access to users based on their roles, author, editor, translator, supervisor, admin...

Secure data Storage for your protection

Ownership management and maintenance of data, on our server or on yours.

Full rights to your own property platform

Access to the powerful Manulogic engine to customise each product for each user.

QR & EAN codes for your products

Assigning a QR code to products provides easier search options in Manulio and serves many other distribution purposes.

Internet of things

Interface communicates directly to the Manualio app allowing realtime access to product status up time statistics with the option of performing micro-transactions.

How it works...

Here are a few of the features that help you create an easy environment for your documentation.

Create topics with smart element, preview them

Allow easily and intuitive capture of relevant content.
Enhance the content as needed to properly inform the intended.

Full rights to your own property platform

Maintain your full ownership with access to the powerful Manulogic engineerings to customise each product for each user.

Import your PDFs

Stop rewriting text and use our recognition tool.

Organise topics

Enjoy topic reusability, organise by drag and drop from your library.

Translation documents

A friendly environment with the start of translation tags and automatic google translator.

Generate a Book

Versioning of Manualio final ebooks, ready to publish.

Create Products

All of the specifications,
Product and promotion page set up.
Producer page assigned generated to books to them.

The Customer Interface

Complete Knowledgebase

Multiple online knowledgebase


Instant translation feature and document tracking

Product Library

Library of products & documentation with smart features

Customer Loyalty

Instant feedback, customer service & product notifications

The Producer Interface

Back door sales

A unique and clever backdoor to your customers pocket

Customer care

Change the color to match your brand or vision, add your logo, choose the perfect layout and more.

Instant updates

Change the color to match your brand or vision, add your logo, choose the perfect layout and more.

New product updates

Change the color to match your brand or vision, add your logo, choose the perfect layout and more.

The eight steps of Aftersales care

Manualio allows constant communications with your customer, it helps you service your customers uniquely and to grow loyalty. With attentive aftersales care your customers is again ready to purchase a new product from you.

Know your customer, streamlined registration of product

Get instant feedback from your customer

Share complex, well organised knowledge base

Enhance loyalty

Notifications, the right information and the right time

Solve problems quickly, contact helpdesk

Service / sell spare parts or accessories

Sell your produces directly, direct B2C relationship


Using our Content Management System will put all your data into one powerful knowledge base.

Instant translation

Using Google translate to give you a head start in each language variant

QR Code

Easy search by simply assigning a QR code, easy manual distribution

Instant updates

Any documentation can be updated at any time with a new version numbers